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Program for visitor
Program for Visiting Scholars at the Chern Institute of Mathematics

"Base at Nankai, face the whole country, and eye the world" are the principles of Chern Institute of Mathematics (CIM). These principles were proposed by the late Professor Shiing-Shen Chern. Following these principles, the Visiting Scholar Program will be officially started in May 2005.

I. The Purpose for the Visiting Scholar Program at CIM

The purpose of the Visiting Scholar Program at CIM is to enhance the communication and cooperation with the international mathematical community, and to promote mathematical research in China through the visitation of mathematicians from around the world.

The Visiting Scholar Program at CIM supports the following three types of visitors to do research at CIM for a period of no more than one year:

1. Visitors working independently, or a group of visitors who intend to work on problems of their common interest using the resources at CIM.

2. Young scholars intending to do postdoctoral research after receiving their Ph.D.

3. To balance the development of mathematical research in China , each year we will support a number of visitors in the midwest of China .

II. Forms of support

1. We provide free lodgings and a daily living allowance of 500 Yuan (RMB) to VIP visitor (include academician), 240 Yuan (RMB) to the visitor who is a professor and 120 Yuan (RMB) to the visitor who is an associate professor or below.  

2. Visitors are provided with office space, library access, and computer facilities.

III. Requirements

1. Visitors are required to submit a brief report summarizing their work at CIM within one month of the completion of their visit.

2. Visitors are required to acknowledge CIM in the publication of their research supported by the Visiting Scholar Program.

IV . Application

Applicants for the Visiting Scholar Program should submit the following materials by post or by E-mail:

  • A letter of application. Please notify the type of support (see I. 1. 2. 3 .) and the visiting time.

  • Curriculum vitae.

  • Publication list.

  • Research proposal.

    When several mathematicians apply for cooperative research at CIM, only one application is required.

    Applicants can apply for visit at any time. Applications should be submitted at least one month before the intended arrival date.

    Application materials can be sent by post or by E-mail to Mr.Bo Zhang.

    Address: Chern Institute of Mathematics

        Nankai University, Weijin Road 94, Tianjin 300071 , P R China

    E-mail: zhangbo2014@nankai.edu.cn

    Tel: 0086-22-2350 1029

    Fax: 0086-22-2350 1532