2011 International conference on Integral and Convex Geometric Analysis and Related Topics

December14-18 , 2011

Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University, Tianjin


December 13, 2011

Place: Jiayuan Hotel (Guest House of Chern Institute)Nankai Unversity, Weijin Road 94, Tianjin
Jiayuan Hotel Tel.: +86 22 2350 8089
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Organizing Committee:


Weiping Zhang (Chair, Chern Institute, Nankai University), Chuanming Zong (Peking University), Young Jin Suh (Kyungpook National University), Deane Yang (Polytechnic Institute, NYU), Gaoyong Zhang (Polytechnic Institute, NYU and Southwest University), Jiazu Zhou (Southwest University)

Abstract Deadline: November 20, 2011
Contact Information:


Prof. Jiazu Zhou (Southwest University, E-mail zhoujzswu.edu.cn, jiazu.zhougmail.com£©
Prof. Deane Yang (Polytechnic Institute, NYU)
Prof. Gaoyong Zhang (Polytechnic Institute, NYU and Southwest University)